Pediatric Eye Exams

It’s quite important for children to receive pediatric eye exams. If there are any vision concerns or eye health matters discovered, correcting them now is very important. Vision can impact not only quality of life, but also development. When you see our optometrist in San Antonio, you can expect a thorough evaluation of your child’s vision and eye health.

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Eye Exams for Kids: When Should They Get Them?

Eye exams for kids can seem difficult since children cannot read letters at a young age during a vision test. We offer comprehensive pediatric eye exams designed specifically to meet your child’s vision needs. When you meet our optometrist in San Antonio, he or she will provide a thorough examination based on your child’s specific needs. Children should have their first eye exam at the age of six months. Annual exams are always recommended, however, at the very least, your child should have another eye exam by the age of three and then prior to entering school.

Some children are at risk for developing eye concerns. In these cases, children should be seen more frequently. This includes children that have the following:

  • A low weight at birth or were premature
  • A family history of vision or eye health concerns including congenital cataracts, retinoblastoma, or others
  • A birth with parents that had infections or disease including herpes, AIDS, venereal disease, or rubella
  • A high refractive error
  • A condition called Anisometropia

Why Do Kids Need Eye Exams?

Eye exams for kids can help our team to pinpoint any abnormalities in your child’s eye health and structure. It can also help to ensure your child’s vision is at the highest level possible. Children are at risk of developing one or more of a number of eye-related concerns including vision develop delays and poor vision quality.

What to Expect at an Annual Eye Exam at Your Optometrist in Shavano Park

When you bring your child in for his or her annual eye exam, we will conduct a series of tests to look at the inner structure of the child’s eyes. In addition, we will test the child’s vision. This is done in a comfortable and relaxed environment. At The Vision Place, we understand your child may be a bit apprehensive about the process. That’s okay. We’ll help ensure your child is kept as calm as possible and only require noninvasive testing. When you seek our optometrist in Shavano Park, be sure to ask any questions you may have about your child’s eye care needs as well.

Schedule a Pediatric Eye Exam with Your San Antonio Optometrist

To schedule an appointment for a pediatric eye exam with your San Antonio optometrist, contact our office today. We recommend an annual eye exam and ongoing eye care for any needs found. Call us today for an appointment for your child: 210-764-1113.

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