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At The Vision Place, we take your corrective eye care very seriously. If you need prescription lenses to see clearly or specialty lenses to correct a color abnormality, contact lenses may give you the freedom and convenience you want from your eyewear. However, it's very important to get regular eye exams from your San Antonio optometrist, in order to keep up with vision changes and make sure you have the right type for your eyes. 

If you're looking for contact lenses in San Antonio, TX then you've come to the right place. The Vision Place! Let our optometry team assist you today!

Different Types of Contact Lenses offered by our San Antonio Optometrist

Contacts are a popular eyewear option because they don't require bulky frames and leave plenty of room for an active lifestyle. They still require some maintenance, though, and the same contacts won't work for every eye type. Your optometrist at The Vision Place will rule out eye conditions that lead to contact irritation, making sure eyeglasses aren't a better fit. If we think you're a good candidate for contacts, we will discuss your options, such as daily, weekly, or monthly lenses, hard or soft lenses, and a variety of color and thickness options. Your maintenance and replacement needs will depend on the type you select.

Evaluations from Our Timberwood Park Optometrist

If you prefer contacts to eyeglasses, your regular contact lens exams will play a big role in keeping your eyes healthy and your prescriptions up-to-date. You need an optometrist in San Antonio who will check your eyes thoroughly and perform the medical and vision tests you need to detect problems early and alleviate abnormalities. Dr. Sandra Palomino, our San Antonio and Timberwood Park eye doctor, knows exactly how important it is to get the right fit and type for every eye. She will measure your eyes carefully and make sure your contacts are serving all your vision needs without causing additional complications.

Preventive Eye Care in San Antonio

Our contact lens exams allow us to keep track of our patients' eye health, but it also lets you keep up with the latest contact technology. We offer a variety of custom contact solutions, including corrective and cosmetic lenses that correct vision problems while enhancing your overall look. Your vision correction is an important part of your overall eye care regimen, and we will work hard to make sure your eyes are protected for years to come. We even offer pediatric contact lenses for kids with refractive errors. 

Fittings for Specialty Contact Lenses

Your San Antonio optometrist is determined to find a corrective solution that works for you. If you suffer from astigmatism, dry eye, keratoconus, or any eye or vision condition that makes traditional contacts hard to wear, we might have the specialty lenses you need. Our corrective lenses include bifocal, monovision, and astigmatism contact lenses that meet your eyes' unique needs. We will also customize your cosmetic contact lenses to correct specific color abnormalities or achieve a certain eye color.

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