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Posted on 12-20-2017

UV Contact Protection From Your San Antonio Optometrist

You hear about the risks of UV rays on your skin. And with the hype of the eclipse not long ago, it brought attention to the dangers of sun exposure and your eyes. At our optometry clinic, The Vision Place, serving San Antonio, TX and the surrounding area, our eye doctor will prescribe contacts or glasses to help your vision that'll also protect your eyes from the dangers of the sun. 

contact lenses

Definition of UV Light 

UV light has short wavelengths, even shorter than violet light. They classify as a "blue" light. Three main types of UV radiation exist: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. UV-C radiation isn't harmful and is absorbed by the ozone. Both UV-A and UV-B are harmful, especially to your vision because the waves have higher energy and aren't completely absorbed by the ozone. 

UV Eye Dangers

The same way UV rays damage your skin, they do the same to your eyes. It's even possible to experience sunburn on your eyes, which will cause redness, swelling, irritation and pain. This particular condition is known as photokeratitis, which is a short-term condition. Prolonged exposure, on the other hand, can lead to permanent damage. Studies have indicated long-term UV exposure can increase your risk of developing a cataract. A cataract is a condition that affects the lens in the eye, where it becomes clouded and may lead to blindness in severe cases. Long-term UV damage to your eyes may increase your risk of developing macular degeneration as well as other vision problems. 

UV Contact Protection 

Contacts with UV protection accomplish the same goal as standard contacts; they optimize your vision. However, these contacts also protect against damage from UV rays. The exam for contacts with UV protection is the same as a standard exam for glasses or contacts. The eye doctor will ask the person to read a series of letters to determine the strength of the contacts and will even perform a check for refractive errors before providing you with a prescription for contacts.

Schedule an Appointment with Your San Antonio Optometrist

To schedule an exam for UV contact protection, contact our optometry clinic at The Vision Place, serving San Antonio, TX and the surrounding area. You can reach our optometrist's office by calling 210-764-1113. 

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