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Posted on 01-30-2017

Eye Care for Computer Vision: What Your Optometrist in San Antonio Wants You to Know

There are an increasing number of people who use digital products on a consistent basis. From computers to smartphones to laptops and tablets, if you are using these devices consistently, you may develop computer vision concerns. When it comes to eye care, this isn’t something to overlook. When you visit our optometrist in San Antonio, we’ll talk about any symptoms you have and the right treatment options for you.

Man experiencing computer vision staring at the screen.

What Is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is a condition in which a person has an eye-related impact from the overuse of computers, laptops, or other digital displays for an uninterrupted period of time. This can cause eye discomfort and vision problems for the individual. This is often called digital eye strain as well. If you suffer from headaches, fatigued eyes, or discomfort in your vision, work with your eye doctor for care.

What Is Blue Light Syndrome?

Another area of concern is blue light syndrome. Blue light, or blue wavelengths, are good for you during daytime hours because they can improve your mood and reaction time. However, when you have chronic exposure to them at night, this creates a lack of melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep patterns. This can cause eye strain, pain, and vision changes.

How Can Your San Antonio Optometrist Help You?

If you think you may need blue light treatment or computer vision support, contact your San Antonio optometrist. We can offer you an eye exam and offer eye care that is right for the underlying cause of the problem. You may need vision support or a break from digital use. The goal of care is to protect your eye health and your vision long-term. This can greatly impact your quality of life and safeguard your vision in the future.

Contact Your Optometrist in Shavano Park for an Appointment

Whether for computer vision or blue light treatment, your optometrist in Shavano Park is available to discuss your condition with you at any time. Call our office to schedule an eye exam. Call The Vision Place at 210-764-1113.

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