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Posted on 03-11-2016

Allergy Eyes : The Do’s and Don’ts

Living in San Antonio means enjoying mild “winters” and early spring weather. Unfortunately, that also means living with excessive pollens. Many people will treat their nasal allergy symptoms but ignore their watery, itchy eyes. You may have seasonal eye allergies without the nasal symptoms. Eye allergy Symptoms include:

 • Significant tearing

• Clear, watery discharge

• Foreign body sensation

• Puffiness

It is best to treat eye symptoms directly. If you only have eye allergy symptoms try treating the eye first before using oral medications. Oral antihistamines can actually dry your eyes and make symptoms worse. Recommended eye treatments include wearing glasses or sunglasses when outdoors to keep pollens out of your eyes. When you come indoors use a lubricant eye drop to rinse your eyes and wipe your lashes to remove any pollens that may have gotten trapped. If you use contact lenses, remember to rub you lenses when you take them off. You may feel better to replace your lenses more often during high seasonal allergies. I often prescribe 1 day use contacts so you have a fresh clean contact lens every day. You can also use allergy eye drops, the best over the counter ones have Ketotifen as an antihistamine. Management of eye allergies include:

• Keep your hands away from your eyes- rubbing your eyes irritates them and makes them feel worse afterward by making the condition worse

• Wash hands often in case you need to wipe your eye

• Keep window closed during pollen periods

• Use “mite-proof” bedding to limit exposure to mites

• Use a dehumidifier to control mold

• Clean your fans often

Eye allergies share similar symptoms as some diseases of the eye, making an accurate diagnosis important. If your symptoms persist, or over the counter remedies do not bring you relief, please call my office. I will review your history and symptoms, then conduct tests to precisely diagnose your eye problems. I’ll be happy to help you any way I can.

– Sandra Palomino, OD 

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