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  • Cancer of the Eyes
                                                     Luckily, cancer in the eye is a Read more
  • Back To School Glasses
    Back to School Glasses From The Vision Place With students returning to classes, it's time to think about your vision and those of your children. Eyesight is critical to learning. Poor Read more
  • When to See an Optometrist in San Antonio, TX
    When to See an Optometrist With The Vision Place in San Antonio, TX San Antonio citizens no longer have to live with poor vision. The Vision Place is an eye care Read more
  • UV Cataract Protection
    Understanding UV Exposure and Cataracts in San Antonio When you are exposed to UV radiation, such as UV rays coming from the sun, the lenses in your eyes will absorb these Read more
  • Part-time Wear: One-day Contact Lenses
    One Day Disposable Lenses Provided at Your San Antonio Optometrist If you suffer from vision issues, such as farsightedness or nearsightedness, there is a very good chance that you can have Read more
  • One Day Disposable Lenses in San Antonio
    One Day Disposable Lenses in San Antonio All contacts, in a sense, are considered disposable. You dispose of them after wearing them for a certain period of time. With daily disposable Read more
  • Dry Eye - Is It Treatable?
    Dry Eye Syndrome in San Antonio, TX Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca is the other name used to refer to Dry Eye Syndrome. This health condition is accompanied by a number of symptoms such as irritation, Read more
  • Sunglasses From Our Optometrist
    Sunglasses in San Antonio, TX Many people forego wearing eyeglasses as this prevents them from wearing their sunglasses. The truth is, though, thanks to advances in technology, you can now easily wear Read more
  • Protect Your Eyes From UV With Contact Lenses
    UV Contact Protection From Your San Antonio Optometrist You hear about the risks of UV rays on your skin. And with the hype of the eclipse not long ago, it brought attention Read more
  • Itchy Eye? You May Have Pink Eye
    Pink Eye Treatment From Your San Antonio Optometrist “Pink eye” is the popular term given to inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eyes. It can be a very uncomfortable condition, causing Read more
  • Sun Protection
    Sun Protection at The Vision Place in San Antonio Most people remember to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes during the summer. However, it is also important to wear glasses for Read more
  • Back to School Eye Exams
    Back to School Eye Exams From Your San Antonio Optometrist This is the perfect time of the year to schedule a pediatric eye exam for your child. Children in the San Antonio Read more
  • One-Day Contact Lenses From Our San Antonio Optometrist
    One-Day Contact Lenses From Our San Antonio Optometrist If you're looking to make the switch to contact lenses, our San Antonio optometrist can help you make sure to choose the right Read more
  • Beware What They Don't Tell You About Eclipse Sunglasses
    Read more
  • Just in....Ovvo Glasses
    Just in at our store OVVO Glasses straight from Europe!! Weighing barely .6 oz  they offer unparalleled comfort and unfailing durability, they are so strong they can hold a 5 lb weight!! If you Read more
  • Dry Eye Care From Our Optometrist in Shavano Park
    Dry Eye Care From Our Optometrist in Shavano Park At The Vision Place, our optometrist in Shavano Park is committed to providing you with the eye care services you need to Read more

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